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I have spent about five weeks visiting my aunts’ cabin in the mountains of Montana. Their cabin is off the grid on 150 acres surrounded by Forest Service land on three sides. It’s very isolated and I really like it. I’m naturally introverted and a total homebody.

My aunt’s off-grid cabin powered by wind and solar power. I love the corners on the porch.

It’s been really sunny and warm here lately. The sun feels great and the sky is bright blue. When I take landscape photos, I’ll look at them on the screen and it totally looks like I over filtered the clouds or something. I guess this is what the sky looks like without smog?

I’ve learned a lot about off-grid living:

  • Checking the water levels at the pump and what to do when it’s low
  • Putting oil in the generator
  • Using the washer and dryer when the little homestead is primarily powered by solar and wind
  • Warming up leftovers on the stove
  • Optimal wood chopping and fire building technique

It’s been fun being here and working hard. My aunt and I also resided the barn and now I’m in the midst of painting primer on it.

I’m using my phone as a wifi hotspot to get internet access and occasionally I’ll go into town to monopolize the wifi at the local bistro or library to download bigger files. I haven’t watch Netflix in over a month and that feels weird.

Overall, I’m really enjoying my time here but I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to civilization.

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